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Xiamen Baodesheng Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., founded in May 2005, is a young, vibrant and dynamic professional import and export company. The Company is an enterprise with general taxpayer qualification, with registered capital of 10 million yuan only.

The company has a professional import and export business team, which is mainly engaged in the import and export business of all kinds of goods and technologies, with the exception of special goods such as the import and export commodities specified by the state and the import and export prohibited by the state; Carry out counter trade and re-export trade. The export products currently operated mainly include all kinds of seafood and processed seafood; It is mainly exported to Southeast Asian countries and regions such as Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, China, etc. The company cooperates with aquatic products processing enterprises in Dongshan county, Fujian Province, and strictly controls the product quality; We are committed to providing customers with the best quality aquatic products.

Based on the principle of honest operation and steady growth, the company has accumulated many years of foreign trade export experience and business reputation, won the unanimous recognition of foreign customers and maintained the intention of long-term cooperation.


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Frozen Cooked Squid Flowers
Frozen Cooked Squid Rings

Frozen Cooked Squid Tube

Frozen Cooked Squid Tentacles

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